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vintage blue belt drinks out of lagoons by inspiteofmirrors

mermaid tale shirt dives into pools of sequins by inspiteofmirrors



sparkly shirt gots a soulful buzz by inspiteofmirrors on Etsy



oscar de la renta scarf dances with wolves by inspiteofmirrors



i was a sick girl today and therefore had time to become obsessed with the long limbs and fashion of lauren bacall

yes it’s true. my uncle smoked a cigar and the smell made my weak little stomach go into convulsions. i’ve been bedridden obsessively checking and rechecking etsy like a crazy person and watching endless hours of bogart/bacall movies. she’s my fashion inspiration for the day/month/lifetime… she is so beautiful. i wanted every outfit she wore in “the big sleep” as well in “to have and have not”. she was fucking 19 when she starred in “to have and have not”! also bogie was totally robbing the cradle with her. but who wouldn’t? she’s a fucking class act.

absolute glamour in the best possible way. the flowing drapery, the solid colors, simple patterns…. so classic! also her hair is always flipped flawlessly in the best way possible. cheers to you miss bacall. muah.

and cheers to everyone else. these photos made my stomach hurt less. nighhhht

black n gold sweater's got a wow finish by inspiteofmirrors

sparkle flower fun time happiness belt by inspiteofmirrors on Etsy

floral pattern dress made in india bids you by inspiteofmirrors